Company profile

Chinaepay USA Corporation is a wholly owned subsidiary of Beijing Chinaepay Financial Service Technology Co., Ltd. (Stock code 870175 listed in New OTC market in China). Chinaepay USA Corporation ia a payment technology and mobile marketing service company focused on connecting American Merchants to China. We leverage on our proprietary technology , networks and understanding of the payment industry and mobile marketing industry with the aim of transforming the global payment landscape and creating more efficient and innovative solutions for merchants.

Our Services

Payment solutions

We provide American merchants with one-stop cross-border payment solutions into and out of China covering payments related to e-commerce, travel and education. Our solutions offer merchants enhanced convenience, security and cost efficiency for both online and offline cross-border payments.

Marketing services

The online platforms, that Chinaepay and our cooperative partners operate and manage, cover more than 95% of Chinese mainland including 2800+ cities and counties. We connect nearly 20 million POI with customers, and more than 600 million users, 35 million of them use our cooperative platforms every day, and generate 11 billion comments online. We shall leverage our cutting edges in network and software technology to provide marketing service for merchants to release and present the information of the products.

Omnichannel commerce services

Customers expect more and are no longer bound by traditional channel limitations. Whether in store, online, mobile, your customers rightfully expect a seamless buying experience before, during, and after the sale. We can help get you set up with our integrated technology, allowing you to provide the frictionless cross-channel experience and personalize the shopping experience with loyalty rewards and product recommendations.